Friday, January 1, 2010

new years ressies (2010)

it is 6:30 am on Friday jan 1,2010! happy new year! :>) I am taking this moment in time to reflect on the last year and wonder what is coming in the year ahead. There is a lot that is beyond my control but I am still going to make some new years resolutions for 2010.
1) Sing everyday. I realized a little while back that the physical act of singing lightens my mood. I know it sounds strange but it is true! you know that phrase "don't worry if it's not good enought for anyone else but you..." ? well, I don't! it is simple SINGING = HAPPY
2) Allow myself play time. My new studio is a bee hive of activity with lots of orders to fill, but I need to take a day (once a week if poss) to play in my studio. I want to explore screen printing and journal making. In order for me to grow in my art, I must have playtime. I really enjoy it too.
3) participate in "phat fiber sample box" every month. I find thier challanges and monthly themes very interesting and challanging. wait till you see what I came up with in Jan! Don't worry, I'll post it in the next week or so. Just a hint- my fav book is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. ;>)
4) Be a better business person. I love creating my art and dyeing but, this last year, my first true year of doing my art full time and supporting myself with it, has been an awesome, fun challange. Admittedly, it was not the brightest idea I have had to start this all with businesses failing all around me but it was my time. I have grown and learned so much cooweeelll stuff. However, I still have a ways to go.

That is it. 2010 here I come!! gale

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

class offerings jan, feb, march 2010

Hello all, here are my class offerings for Jan, Feb and March 2010. I have also included a discription of what the class is all about. The class size is limited to 4 people and it is $65 per student. They go from 10:30 am to 3:30 PM. It includes use of studio equipment, dyes and written/oral instruction for me. The FUN is free!

Dye 101 is for dyers without much experience. It is an introductory class for Acid Dyes with protein fibers. I will provide 12 to 15 different pre-mixed dyes (different colors) for the sudents to use on yarn. Students can either purchase a sock yarn from me or they can bring their own yarn to dye. (dyeable yarns can be purchased at LYS, Dharma trading company,Webbs or knitpicks ) There will be enough time to dye up to 1 LB (450 grams) of yarn or more.

Jan 2 (sat)
Jan 15 (fri)
Feb 13 (sat)
march 12 (fri)

Advance dye is for students who have studied with me or who are very familiar with the acid dye process. It is an indepth look of what we can do with roving, yarn and/or silk. I will work with the students on understanding color mixing and finishing techniques for any kind of project they might be thinking of. It is rather like an independent study with guidance from a professional dyer.

Jan 15 (sat
feb 20(sat)
March 19 (fri)

email me at or call 404 457 4015 if you want to reserve your spot gale

Thursday, December 10, 2009

new studio - really

Hey all! two bits of good news for you. The first is that my fiber/colorway "crayon box" has been used in a large 4 page story in Spin Off Winter 2009. Check out Debbie Grale's story "two yarns, three projests on page 83 and you will see what I am takling about. THANS DEBBIE!

The second is that my studio is finished! I can not believe how much more room I got. Mr. M and I speculate that I gained about 2 feet AND, after re-organizing my shelves, I have tons of "new" space. Here are the before and after inside shots as well as an exterior shot.

I will be posting a new class schedule for Jan, Feb, March in a few days. Stay Tuned

Saturday, December 5, 2009

new studio- almost!

Ok so I have been hinting on my raverly forum about my new addition to the studio and it is almost ready. we hit a small bump in the road last Friday when the dry wall wasn't dry (haha) enough to paint. Since they don't work on the weekends,the last day will have to be monday and on Tue I will have a new studio! well, basically new- My studio ,for those who have never seen it is a converted garage. When we first moved in, three years ago, we installed a resturant style sink, stove, oven, A/C, shelves, washing machine, fridge, lights and almost everything I needed or wanted to have in a dye studio. The only thing was - it was the garage with the typical door and tracks. Not pretty... Hubby, Mr. M, slapped insolation and plastic up so that I would not be a captive to the temperature out side but it still had this "garage" feeling. I had to have a window so I cut a hole in the plastic just to know there was an outside world out there. Now I am finally getting a wall with french doors so it will feel like a real creative space. :>) I will be posting "before and after" pics next week. Oh, and along with a new wall, Mango bunny is getting new digs too. Check out the new hutch....
Of course, she is having some issues with the ramp between levels. I think she is to...humm...full figured (?) and her fluffy rump has trouble gettin up into the small opening. But once she learns how to get around, I think she will be a very happy bunny.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Trindles and other stuff

Well, I am back from Michigan and I missed all my furry family (including hubby Mr. M) I actually drove from Battle Creek MI to Atlanta GA in one day. It was about 13 hours on the road with short pit stops for coffee ( I break for STARBUCKS) and food (woman can not survive on Twinkies alone....). So now I am back home and dyeing for the next show.

Evil Eve B will come with me to Wisconsin Sheep and Wool on Sept 11,12 and 13. I am really putting the miles on Kermit, but he doesn't seem to mind. I think it is actually cool to go so many new places. I am happy that Eve can (wo )man the booth while I take a peek as what other people have. In additon to my own fibers I will also be taking Jeremy A's awesome trindles (like a drop spinndle but his own design with 3 arms). I have a few in my own collection that I just could not let get away. Check them out.....One is a cute "june bug" with little green lady bugs on it and the other was a custom job (yes he does that) with oriental dragon dog heads. They almost "grrrrrr" at me when I spin with them. Sweet. He is on Etsy under "trindleman" but I have a wonderful assortment of them so I hope people really come to see me :>) gale

Sunday, August 16, 2009

michigan at last!

Hey All not sure how many pics are going to come into this entry. I have never blogged from my lap top before so I am just trying to get the hang of it. After a long trip, I arrived in Allegan, Michigan for the Michigan Fiber Festival. The town itself if lovely and small as it sits on the bend of a river. Next year, I think I will opt for a B and B as there are several in the town and I hear they are really special. It is a great show and everyone here is very happy and helpful. I met up with several fiber buddies here and there is a real great core of spinners. The lady pictured below was looking for a class and had a special way of taking her wheel along. Isn't she clever?
Today is my last day, so I'll be packing up and them meeting my cuz and family for supper. Then back to Atlanta and my husband,dog and rabbitt. I miss them when I am on the road but it is really sweet to meet all these new people and see these new places. :>) gale

Friday, August 7, 2009

Getting ready for Michigan Fiber festival

Well, getting all set for the Michigan Fiber Festival on 8/15. I have been working very hard to get all my stock up and I feel like I am in good shape. Usually, I have a slight panic attack just before a show and I run around looking at my product muttering "must dye more, must dye more..." with this little twitch going in my eye lid . But I am feeling like I'll be ok for this show....which makes me wonder if I have overlooked something. LOL
Mango is adapting well to life in our home. He thinks I am ok but he is really fond of Mr. M. and comes hopping over to him every chance he can. I guess my husband has some bunny MOJO I am not aware off. Hobbs, our german/akita mix, is fascinated by Mango which I find alittle alarming. I don't think we are ready to let them play together yet...... maybe never..... One thing that is absolutly ADORABLE is when you give Mango a little bit of peach or banana. Apparently, fruit is like bunny crack cocain. Mango goes nuts for the stuff and makes these cute smacking noises.
Going off to The Whole Nine Yarns for spin night on monday with (perhaps) the evil Eve B. She knit these wonderful socks for me with my new sock yarn. Really cool for display in the booth at MFF. I'll post pics this weekend before I go.