Friday, August 7, 2009

Getting ready for Michigan Fiber festival

Well, getting all set for the Michigan Fiber Festival on 8/15. I have been working very hard to get all my stock up and I feel like I am in good shape. Usually, I have a slight panic attack just before a show and I run around looking at my product muttering "must dye more, must dye more..." with this little twitch going in my eye lid . But I am feeling like I'll be ok for this show....which makes me wonder if I have overlooked something. LOL
Mango is adapting well to life in our home. He thinks I am ok but he is really fond of Mr. M. and comes hopping over to him every chance he can. I guess my husband has some bunny MOJO I am not aware off. Hobbs, our german/akita mix, is fascinated by Mango which I find alittle alarming. I don't think we are ready to let them play together yet...... maybe never..... One thing that is absolutly ADORABLE is when you give Mango a little bit of peach or banana. Apparently, fruit is like bunny crack cocain. Mango goes nuts for the stuff and makes these cute smacking noises.
Going off to The Whole Nine Yarns for spin night on monday with (perhaps) the evil Eve B. She knit these wonderful socks for me with my new sock yarn. Really cool for display in the booth at MFF. I'll post pics this weekend before I go.

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