Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mango has arrived

Hello all. I want to introduce you to our latest editon, Mango, a 3 month old angora rabbitt. Mr M and I went out and got him at our friend Sharon's House last Saturday. He is sooo sweet and soft. Of course we had to immediatly traumatize him by shearing him for the first time. We didn't do such a good job so he ended up looking like "punk rock frankin" Bunny but Sharon says it gets easier. Sure hope so......

In other news, I have been dyeing like a fiend for the Michigan Sheep and Wool show on Aug 14. The other day, I did almost 3 lb of silk hankies and created this "leaning Tower of Silk" haha... and I have also been working with this cooooooweeeelllll new stuff that I call "Chocolate Swirl" roving. They take 25 %brown and 75% ecru blue face and swirl it all together. Check out the before and after pics. I want to have some of this ready to sell as well. I like it a lot.

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