Sunday, August 16, 2009

michigan at last!

Hey All not sure how many pics are going to come into this entry. I have never blogged from my lap top before so I am just trying to get the hang of it. After a long trip, I arrived in Allegan, Michigan for the Michigan Fiber Festival. The town itself if lovely and small as it sits on the bend of a river. Next year, I think I will opt for a B and B as there are several in the town and I hear they are really special. It is a great show and everyone here is very happy and helpful. I met up with several fiber buddies here and there is a real great core of spinners. The lady pictured below was looking for a class and had a special way of taking her wheel along. Isn't she clever?
Today is my last day, so I'll be packing up and them meeting my cuz and family for supper. Then back to Atlanta and my husband,dog and rabbitt. I miss them when I am on the road but it is really sweet to meet all these new people and see these new places. :>) gale

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