Tuesday, December 30, 2008

where does the time go????

It has been how many days since my last blog entry????? I can't believe it...sigh... but the good news is x-mas was great and we gota NEW HOUSE.

Well ,not NEW really but NEWLY PAINTED so that it feels like NEW. HAHA
It was a very mundane off white color (body) with a spruce green door and shutters. Not bad but....boring..... for a dyer,color is everything, ya know? So Mr M and I decided it was time for a change :>) (maybe the peeling paint was a prompt too) and we got the ole homestead painted. I am including a couple of pics. The body is now Duron "livable green" and the shutters and door are "oak moss". I think it is beautiful and the painter said he liked it even though he normally did not like green on a house. The two neighbors on either side of us, both with very conservative shades of ecru on thier houses, also gave a seal of approval after it was finished. I guess I have better taste then everyone thinks :>)
Now,New Years is just two days away! I am still working on my resolution list. I'll post on Jan 1, 2009. Stay tuned... gale

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

look at that face!

Things are really getting hectic for the christmas holidays now. I am going to make this entry short as - I HAVE TO DO X-MAS CARDS TONIGHT! "no excuses are exceptable" says Mr. M.- but I still want to show you what made me laugh today. Look at this pin, my friend Ruth R, gave me a few years ago. He was hiding out in my jewlery box just chilling until I re-found him while hunting for my mother's pearl necklace. Isn't he sweet? what a face! It looks like he just asked a question and is waiting on the answer......I think the question must be..."why am I just hanging out in this dumb jewlery box, when I could be out and about on your coat?" So I put him on my coat lapel and laughed.....

Monday, December 15, 2008

Knitty.com like me!

I wanted to share the exciting news that my lovely Blue face fiber has been reviewed by KNITTY.COM!! You can see the review if you go here:


They gave me a wonderful gift for the holiday season by saying nice things about “Iris” in both my blue face and my over dyed black blue face. These are pictures of my roving, the first one is of the color way “ Proud Peacock” dyed on white Blue face (and the yarn it makes when it is spun) and the second is of the exact same colors dyed on a dark brown Blue face roving ( and the yarn it makes). Can you believe it? I really like the cool way the natural browns and tans take the color.

What made me laugh today......
Well for the first time in a long time, Gale dyed herself. Yes sports fans, this is what happens when there is the tiny, tiniest whole in the rubber gloves that I did not notice before I started dyeing. It really was funny to see the clerk’s reaction when I hand over change at the supermarket. HAHA.

Friday, December 12, 2008

a thought and a smile

Wanted to share a picture that made me happy today. I was cleaning out my picture files in the computer and found this This is a group of my quilting buds in “Off the Wall” quilting guild. Sometimes you it is good just to find the one thing in the day that makes you smile. Today it was this picture and yesterday it was the smell of an orange that I had for my mid day snack. I would like to advise everyone to take a minute (when you find that one thing in your day) and just sit back, relax for a moment and smile. I know that your day will be better for it and so will the world.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Turkey day was GOOD!

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving (as I hope all of you did) with my sister, Jennifer and her lovely family who drove many long miles to come eat a good Turkey dinner with me and Mr. M. As always, I give thanks for having a loving and supportive sis who thinks I am the creative one even though she is an Interior Designer! Ha-ha.... Thanks as well for great hubby, lovely nephews and bro in law as well as a big, fluffy, 95 lb love muffin named Hobbs ( my dog) .

Before they arrived on Wednesday, I completed a set of adult sized slippers that are modeled here by yours truly. Aren’t they sweet? The flower design on the slipper was put on as I was felting using cut out pre-felts that were placed on the green base of the slipper and then felted on. This is what we will be doing in my “slippers/baby bootie” 3D felting class. So look on my class schedule and email me if you want to sign up for a class. I am offering many and various time slots on Fridays and Saturdays to give everyone a chance to take a class. My class size is small (only 4 students at a time) so sign up now rather then later.

The other picture is of my sis, Jen, working on a felted flower. We did get a day to “play” so after she made some felt, she created to flowers for Christmas gifts. And she says she is not creative?

Class offerings for Jan,Feb,March,April 2009

Felted Mosaic Scarf class
A class that takes raw, dyed wool and shows you how to create a wonderful, felted scarf. It looks complicated but it isn’t. Instruction and the creation of one scarf should take about 3 to 4 hours with the free option of after class “play” time should you wish to stay in the studio and create a second or possibly third scarf. Wool and felting supplies for the first scarf are included in class price of $60. 4 students per class

Inlay Purse / Knitting Needle Case
This class is devoted to the design development of a large piece of decorative flat felt. Students will learn how to make pre-felt sheets for felt inlay as well as adding interesting artistic details with silk and nylon fibers. The finished, colorful flat felt is suitable for a small purse, a knitting needle case, a book cover or many other things. The first flat felt should be completed in the time allotted but students are encouraged to stay for “play” time to create additional gift items. Class price of $60. 4 students per class

Slippers/Baby Booties
Felting wool goes to a higher level in this class, as students work with a cardboard “form” that they felt around to create slippers and/or baby booties. Although it is preferable that you first take the Inlay class first, it is not mandatory. Again, there will the additional time for you to stay after class to explore and create. Class price is $60 with a 4 student limit.

Inlay Felt Purse 10:30 am to 3:00 pm (playtime until 6 pm)
Jan 3 (Friday) Jan 9 (Saturday)
Feb 20 (Friday) Feb 7 (Saturday)
March 6 (Friday) March 21 (Sat)
April 17 (Friday)

Mosaic Scarf 10:30 am to 3:00 pm (playtime until 6 pm)
Jan 30 (Fri)
Feb 27 (Fri) Feb 14 (Sat) and Feb 21 (Sat)
March 13 (Fri) March 7 (Sat)
April 3(Fri) April 18 (Sat)

Slipper/ Baby Bootie 10:30 am to 3:00 pm (playtime until 6 pm)
Jan (no classes in this subject)
Feb 6 (Fri) Feb 28 (Sat) class full
March 20 (Fri) March 14 (Sat)
April 4 (Sat)

Gale’s Art provides equipment and materials for the classes. Please wear casual, comfortable cloths and non-skid shoes as the floor in the studio often gets wet. Also, please bring a lunch with you as there are no really close eating places to the Studio. Gale’s Art Studio is located in Stone Mountain GA. To register or for additional information please contact Gale Evans (404) 457- 4015 or email gales art@mindspring.com