Wednesday, December 17, 2008

look at that face!

Things are really getting hectic for the christmas holidays now. I am going to make this entry short as - I HAVE TO DO X-MAS CARDS TONIGHT! "no excuses are exceptable" says Mr. M.- but I still want to show you what made me laugh today. Look at this pin, my friend Ruth R, gave me a few years ago. He was hiding out in my jewlery box just chilling until I re-found him while hunting for my mother's pearl necklace. Isn't he sweet? what a face! It looks like he just asked a question and is waiting on the answer......I think the question must be..."why am I just hanging out in this dumb jewlery box, when I could be out and about on your coat?" So I put him on my coat lapel and laughed.....

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SeanBug said...

Hey, Gale!

Thanks for including your blogsite in your Christmas letter. I have failed, once again, to mail ANY cards, so this is the closest you'll get to a holiday greeting from me.

Sherwin, Sean and I are hanging in there. I have gone full-time at work and love it. Accounting, who knew... Sherwin is still at Genuardi's and hates it, but has some irons in the internet start-up fire. Sean just turned 9 last week, and is in school this year after 5 years of home-schooling. This is Sean's blog I'm signed onto, which I suppose translates somehow to your blog.

Great to hear from you--thanks for the card. BECKY