Tuesday, December 30, 2008

where does the time go????

It has been how many days since my last blog entry????? I can't believe it...sigh... but the good news is x-mas was great and we gota NEW HOUSE.

Well ,not NEW really but NEWLY PAINTED so that it feels like NEW. HAHA
It was a very mundane off white color (body) with a spruce green door and shutters. Not bad but....boring..... for a dyer,color is everything, ya know? So Mr M and I decided it was time for a change :>) (maybe the peeling paint was a prompt too) and we got the ole homestead painted. I am including a couple of pics. The body is now Duron "livable green" and the shutters and door are "oak moss". I think it is beautiful and the painter said he liked it even though he normally did not like green on a house. The two neighbors on either side of us, both with very conservative shades of ecru on thier houses, also gave a seal of approval after it was finished. I guess I have better taste then everyone thinks :>)
Now,New Years is just two days away! I am still working on my resolution list. I'll post on Jan 1, 2009. Stay tuned... gale


NZEH said...

Galius, what a cool blog!

Great photo's and stories, the colored flannel slippers are the best.

Wish you guys a super healthy and happy 2009, and much success with the business.

Besos from Gainesville,

- Mark

jennifer tuttle said...

Hi! Wanted to try and get in touch with you with a question. I purchased a few items at the SAFF this past October and 3 of them were roving bundles for the Mosaic Felted Scarf. I live in NC, thus cannot attend your class, but I am searching for the pattern/instructions. The very helpful lady I talked with that weekend gave me the author's name that made the pattern, but I can't find it! I've been racking my brain for her name, to buy the book. But if you have the pattern for sale, I will buy it!!! Thanks for your time....I look forward to hearing from you.