Thursday, January 29, 2009

back from Destin Spin In

Back from Destin, FL after a super great weekend. What is Destin? It is about 160 crazy spinners, 12 vendors and 2 outrageous hostesses stuck in a giant ball room for 4 days with nothing to do but spin and talk of fiber and life adventures. Soooo much fun! We have it every year in Jan in Destin, Fl but this year was in a brand new condo building called The Palms at Destin. They didn’t know what they were in for- hee hee hee..... Here are a few pics of everyone spinning.I was vending as well so I don’t feel I got in my full spinning time :>(
but I must sacrifice for my art! I also took the opportunity (while I was with such friendly folk) to do a survey of fiber preferences. I had questions like “what colors do you prefer?” and “do you normally have a project in mind when you buy fiber” etc.... They surpassed my expectation as I got 95 surveys back....maybe the $75 prize drawing I had for the ones who completed the survey was a factor?
But honestly, it is a great way to start the year. Ruth R and I shared a condo with Ginny and Sally from the Peachtree Hand Spinners guild and we had cocktails and seafood every night. What is better then that ?

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Hockey Mom said...

Some day, I'm going to Destin. It looks like so much fun!