Monday, December 1, 2008

Turkey day was GOOD!

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving (as I hope all of you did) with my sister, Jennifer and her lovely family who drove many long miles to come eat a good Turkey dinner with me and Mr. M. As always, I give thanks for having a loving and supportive sis who thinks I am the creative one even though she is an Interior Designer! Ha-ha.... Thanks as well for great hubby, lovely nephews and bro in law as well as a big, fluffy, 95 lb love muffin named Hobbs ( my dog) .

Before they arrived on Wednesday, I completed a set of adult sized slippers that are modeled here by yours truly. Aren’t they sweet? The flower design on the slipper was put on as I was felting using cut out pre-felts that were placed on the green base of the slipper and then felted on. This is what we will be doing in my “slippers/baby bootie” 3D felting class. So look on my class schedule and email me if you want to sign up for a class. I am offering many and various time slots on Fridays and Saturdays to give everyone a chance to take a class. My class size is small (only 4 students at a time) so sign up now rather then later.

The other picture is of my sis, Jen, working on a felted flower. We did get a day to “play” so after she made some felt, she created to flowers for Christmas gifts. And she says she is not creative?

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