Saturday, December 5, 2009

new studio- almost!

Ok so I have been hinting on my raverly forum about my new addition to the studio and it is almost ready. we hit a small bump in the road last Friday when the dry wall wasn't dry (haha) enough to paint. Since they don't work on the weekends,the last day will have to be monday and on Tue I will have a new studio! well, basically new- My studio ,for those who have never seen it is a converted garage. When we first moved in, three years ago, we installed a resturant style sink, stove, oven, A/C, shelves, washing machine, fridge, lights and almost everything I needed or wanted to have in a dye studio. The only thing was - it was the garage with the typical door and tracks. Not pretty... Hubby, Mr. M, slapped insolation and plastic up so that I would not be a captive to the temperature out side but it still had this "garage" feeling. I had to have a window so I cut a hole in the plastic just to know there was an outside world out there. Now I am finally getting a wall with french doors so it will feel like a real creative space. :>) I will be posting "before and after" pics next week. Oh, and along with a new wall, Mango bunny is getting new digs too. Check out the new hutch....
Of course, she is having some issues with the ramp between levels. I think she is to...humm...full figured (?) and her fluffy rump has trouble gettin up into the small opening. But once she learns how to get around, I think she will be a very happy bunny.

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