Thursday, December 10, 2009

new studio - really

Hey all! two bits of good news for you. The first is that my fiber/colorway "crayon box" has been used in a large 4 page story in Spin Off Winter 2009. Check out Debbie Grale's story "two yarns, three projests on page 83 and you will see what I am takling about. THANS DEBBIE!

The second is that my studio is finished! I can not believe how much more room I got. Mr. M and I speculate that I gained about 2 feet AND, after re-organizing my shelves, I have tons of "new" space. Here are the before and after inside shots as well as an exterior shot.

I will be posting a new class schedule for Jan, Feb, March in a few days. Stay Tuned


Suzanne Deal-Fitzgerald said...

Sweet...I have space envy.

LaRie said...

That looks so nice! Hurray!