Friday, January 1, 2010

new years ressies (2010)

it is 6:30 am on Friday jan 1,2010! happy new year! :>) I am taking this moment in time to reflect on the last year and wonder what is coming in the year ahead. There is a lot that is beyond my control but I am still going to make some new years resolutions for 2010.
1) Sing everyday. I realized a little while back that the physical act of singing lightens my mood. I know it sounds strange but it is true! you know that phrase "don't worry if it's not good enought for anyone else but you..." ? well, I don't! it is simple SINGING = HAPPY
2) Allow myself play time. My new studio is a bee hive of activity with lots of orders to fill, but I need to take a day (once a week if poss) to play in my studio. I want to explore screen printing and journal making. In order for me to grow in my art, I must have playtime. I really enjoy it too.
3) participate in "phat fiber sample box" every month. I find thier challanges and monthly themes very interesting and challanging. wait till you see what I came up with in Jan! Don't worry, I'll post it in the next week or so. Just a hint- my fav book is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. ;>)
4) Be a better business person. I love creating my art and dyeing but, this last year, my first true year of doing my art full time and supporting myself with it, has been an awesome, fun challange. Admittedly, it was not the brightest idea I have had to start this all with businesses failing all around me but it was my time. I have grown and learned so much cooweeelll stuff. However, I still have a ways to go.

That is it. 2010 here I come!! gale

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Suzanne Deal-Fitzgerald said...

So that you know you're not writing your blog in a vacuum, I just dropped by to tell you, you are a bright light in our guild, and you genuinely listen to us and we couldn't ask for anything more. You present your work to us like you're courting us every month, and wow. Bright, shiny, dignified, subdued, you bring it. Your fibers make us better spinners. Here's to another year with the PHG!