Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ruby,my sweet

Guess what I got over the weekend? That is right, sports fans, Gale got a BICYCLE!!! I have wanted one forever. It all started last year with those insipid Regions Bank commercials on TV. Do you know the ones I mean?
Well, if you didn’t see them, then let me explain that it is all about these people riding around on these green bicycles. I am thinking the green is supposed to represent money(?). Of course the wind is blowing in their hair (even though they are wearing politically correct helmets) and they are smiling in the sun shine as they ride down streets with names like “RETIREMENT” or “ FINANCIAL SECURITY”. In the back ground, most insidious of it all, is this really catchy little tune that, once you hear it, stays in you head and does not go away for HOURS!!! Anyway, the commercial failed to have the desired effect on me as I didn’t want to rush out and get an account with Regions Bank, but rather I really wanted to get a bicycle.
So after much hemming and hawing, (9 months is not too long to procrastinate, is it?) I got Ruby on Sunday . Did I mention the extra motivation of stepping on the scales on Sat? Below are pics of her and she is sweet!

My good friend, Laura T, helped me out by dragging me to the local sporting goods store and just as we walked in they announced “we have a special this week on Youth and Adult bicycles.....” I kid you not! So not only did I get a cooooooweeellll bike but I got a killer deal too. I think Laura T has good shopping Karma as I always seem to find real deals when I go out with her.

I did stop to wonder ,though, that if the green bike represented money, what would a red bicycle represent? Well, if I see streets named “FIRE” or “BRIMSTONE” I’ll be sure to ride the other way. Don't want to go there...:>) gale


tonni said...

I know the commercials - it is their "lifestyle" green :) I like your fire engine red! Do I see a future color fiber called "bicyle" ?!

Juliet said...

Oh my gosh Gale!! This is your old friend Juliet. I decided to google you to see what you're up to and here you are blogging!!?!And teaching classes in your STUDIO?!?! You'll never believe what has happen to me since you introduced me to the world of quilting. It has become my biggest addiction in life!! Boxes of fabric, pieces of thread in my food, nights spent surfing the web looking for more fabric. I need therapy!! Hey drop my an email sometime. There's so much I have to tell you about.