Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Oh, I had fun last weekend. I got a “pot luck” Day! As a professional dyer, I pride myself on being able to reproduce most of the colors that are in my hand painted roving. I have a recipe card for all of the colors I use so I can create them over and over. I spent about 3 years perfecting my dye technique and recipes before I ever started selling them. It makes me happy to be able to predict, with confidence, what will happen when I mix this red with that blue. Having said that, sometimes I have to go CRAZY and slap on what ever is at hand in the studio. I often have a leftover color from a color run and I just can not bear to throw it away. So it all goes on to “pot luck”. It is a fun day for me with lots of color surprises. Sometimes I guess we all need a day to be outta control! up top is a picture......


Sue said...

Hey Gale -

This is sue Dial. I just found your blog spot!! Love it, especially the pictures!! I was the one at SAFF with the polymer clay earrings. Do you remember me? I'll have a booth this year. I'm looking forward to spending what I make in your booth.

See you!

tonni said...

Will you have some "potluck" at SAFF? I love the pic... it would make a great background on the PC :)