Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hey All, thanks for the many emails about my sickness. I am happy to report that I am now hail and hearty. What a relief to be back in the swing of things and to enjoy the season. The Autumn color here in Atlanta is still outrageously lovely although the leaves are falling fast and furious. Ruth R and I played hookie from life and house cleaning last Sunday and spent the day in the park spinning and drinking coffee. Here is a picture of Ruth R and wheels with the fall backdrop. I am not in the pic ‘cause no squirrels volunteered to take it so I had to. If you have not had a chance to run away somewhere fun this season, I say “DO IT! DO IT NOW!” . Before you know it the holidays will start claiming all your free time for shopping and cooking, so I think now it the perfect time for a breather before they begin.
I have been in the studio today trying to fill some wholesale orders but I did take a minute to clean and dye some of the Cotswold locks. It was easier then I thought and the curls are sweet! Here is a picture of them drying. I didn’t consciously dye them red and green but there they are.....maybe I have Christmas on my brain :>)
My first INLAY FELTING class last Sat. was excellent due mostly to my three great students, Christy, Gayle and Jean! thanks guys and I look forward to teaching you again!

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