Monday, November 24, 2008

Felted Baby Booties (say it 10X fast)

Hey look what I did over the weekend!! Felted baby booties. Aren’t they sweet? I have really been having a wonderful time with wet felting these last few weeks. As you know, I am offering a two classes on felting and have many requests for more. So I “thunk” that felted slippers would be the perfect class. Who doesn’t wanted to curl up in front of the fire with cocoa and slippers? Making baby booties is an easy first step to doing larger adult size slippers. They were so quick and fun! I decided to share pictures of my first “born” baby booties. I haven’t gotten to the slippers yet as today was a running around day (grocery, library etc....) but tomorrow is all studio time, baby! So I’ll post pics of the slippers when they are done and look for my upcoming schedule of felting classes too! I will be posting Jan/Feb and March in the next few days.

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