Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Yesterday I dyed.......

I am still in awe about this blogging thing. Just think 'lil ole me on the wide wide net! cooooooweeeeelllll! I have updated my profile and included a pic of me and my dear hubby,"the mysterious Mr. M", at a beautiful national park near by our home. whatta guy :>)
After 3 months of officially being a "professional dyer", I am still having a great time. I especially enjoy walking into my studio in my jammies with coffee in hand first time in the am and thinking "what will I dye today?" what a hoot!
(Of course, I don't' dye in my jammies......)
Yesterday was spent dyeing up some black blue face roving in "Fruit Salad". I also did some merino in this great solid color that I call "Winter Berry". It is just this wonderful holly berry red that I discovered a few months ago.
My wonderful friend and knitter extraordinaire, Eve B, was scheduled to see me yesterday but she was "a fountain of mucus" (her words not mine) so we had to reschedule. I am hoping she gets better soon. So I dyed instead.
Today, I am running away from home with my sketch book and a brown bag lunch for an "art day" out. A girl has got to get her inspiration for somewhere...more later if it gets interesting.....

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